About SRD Investigations

SRD Investigations is privately owned and operated and is fully licensed and insured. Unlike the large national firms, you will deal directly with your investigator and will always be in contact with him. He will first discuss the case with you, and will give you an honest evaluation as to the feasibility of getting the evidence and information you need. The pricing at SRD Investigations is very affordable and the attention and effort you receive will be second to none.

Our lead investigator is highly experienced and has conducted over 700 surveillance cases, totaling over 4500 hours of observation. He is discreet and can find the best possible set up to get the video results you are wanting. If there is video to be had, he will get it.

He has a degree in Asset Protection and Security from Eastern Kentucky University, along with Wicklander-Zulawski Interview and Interrogation Techniques Certification, a highly respected method of conducting interviews, so not only does he have experience, he has background training as well.

SRD Investigations is also experienced in loss prevention, so if you are the victim of employee theft, let us give you expert help.

We have access to the best data base available to get you any type of background information you need. We will get you the information quickly and efficiently.

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